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Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I'm a stormtrooper, and a ninja, and AWESOME!!"


Livie says " I'm a stormtrooper! and Ninja too! I'm realy awesome and I kick butt alot too! And I'm super awesome so I can fly! I'm very strong so I can make more space for my muscles. I'm awesomer than a june bug and a tailor mixed together! When a star comes up I look at it and I get to shoot it out of my hands. There's vampires that I fight too. I use a lot of light for that. From out the window. A lot of stuff I'm scared of in my real form but when I play this game I am AWESOME!!! I'm really good at being myself. But, I am strong for real I got to be stronger when I get bigger. I'm really good at being a friend with my friends. "


FLO said...

Wow, what a girl! That star part made me cry because it's so awesome. You're so awesome. I'm really glad you're such a good friend to Juliet.

Nana Elena said...

You're right Livie - you are very good at being a friend - I'm glad you're my friend, that's for sure!
You sure have a lot of information inside your head. How do you think up all that stuff??

Beachbum said...

You *are* awesome - every day! I love ya!!!