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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Olivia's Jamaica trip

Li vie in the sand castle
This was in Jamaica. I had a lot of fun there. The beach was perfect. I guess we're gonna have to put me in a hole. I guess I also have to just make a castle for a little Cookie monster I got. You can get them at a little shop in Jamaica. You can get shirts & shorts there. Also, there's some big ones they're puppets. I have an Elmo one, now I have Cookie Monster. I think I should get Grover now. Everyone can get anything there. Except for some stuff. I was glad to be home when I came home. I had a long trip. I guess I should be here, and stay here. I'm gonna tell my dad to stay here for some times. (She's counting the # of lines we wrote now) I guess you're gonna stay there a few times if you like them. They have a parade there. And don't forget the XBOX room there! They're are lots of games, so you ought to go there, then you can go to dinner afterwards. There's lots of restaurants there, there is 3. Also, you should try the buffets, desserts. Also, you should go to the one above, #3. (The Caribbean one) It's very good there. But it's cold in that room below. I got beads in my hair too. Go to a hair salon there and you can have your hair braided and your nails better if they've been all gross. And if you ever go there, well, there's a couple of ladies there. One I never met to braid my hair. Do you think you should go there or not? Okay, I'm done.

Me & my sister with our braids.....

Island girls

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"I'm a stormtrooper, and a ninja, and AWESOME!!"


Livie says " I'm a stormtrooper! and Ninja too! I'm realy awesome and I kick butt alot too! And I'm super awesome so I can fly! I'm very strong so I can make more space for my muscles. I'm awesomer than a june bug and a tailor mixed together! When a star comes up I look at it and I get to shoot it out of my hands. There's vampires that I fight too. I use a lot of light for that. From out the window. A lot of stuff I'm scared of in my real form but when I play this game I am AWESOME!!! I'm really good at being myself. But, I am strong for real I got to be stronger when I get bigger. I'm really good at being a friend with my friends. "