My 4 year old Superhero wanted her own blog, since superhero mom and superhero sister both have theirs! So, here it is......A Superhero's Blog

Monday, September 29, 2008

Me & my friend

Yummy Kit era food
Me and my friend have been playing a lot of times, so maybe me and him can have another playdate. I'll have a lot of games for him next time, million and millions and millions. If he probably comes to my house he'll play with me, all of my friends will. I just know cause I have thise picture everytime and I"m ready to roll and next time I'll have lots of time. (I can't keep up with her words at this point, she's talking about friends, blogging, toys)
My big sister likes playing with her big friends she likes playing with them everytime. I think I'll someday have a millions of games someday I'll be like a superhero to everyone I'll help everyone like that that's why I eat healthy things (again too fast, I can't keep up!!!)
Hope I'll see you soon guys.
Love Olivia everytime, sometimes
take a while to look at my blog and look at my pictures whenever you like because this picture is special (.......)
My friends are always with me in my heart
Love Olivia still (starts repeating self)
Look at my blog a lot of times.